In the Year of Our Lord, 1066, Uther Pendragon, Duke of Normandy, sailed his army across the English Channel and defeated King Vortigern at the Battle of Hastings.  He moved quickly to consolidate his rule over the island, which lasted from A.D. 1066 until his death in A.D. 1215.  In that year, the boy Arthur, foster son of Sir Ector of the Castle of the Forest Sauvage, was revealed to be Uther’s son and heir by pulling the sword Excalibur from the stone.  Although he had the backing of Merlin, and the miracle to substantiate his claim to the throne, Arthur was immediately beset by rebellion, led by King Lot of Orkney.  With war brought the usual scavengers of civilization; monsters who seized the opportunity to pillage and wreak havoc on a defenseless people.  Arthur, guided by Merlin, re-established the national Adventurers’ Guild that his father had previously abolished.  A royal stipend was given to the Guild to train up new heroes to fight the darkness which had spread over the land.

Another Adventuring Party



Another “4 Man” party. Dwarf fighter, Halfling rogue, Human cleric, Eladrin (“High Elf”) Wizard (Wizardess?).

The 4th edition Red Box Starter set did,not provide the option to play as an Eladrin. To build a “Red Box” Eladrin hero, add +2 to INT, and +2 to either DEX or CHA. Also, gain one extra skill of the player’s choice, and add +1 to Will. The Eladrin racial ability is a short range teleport.


Basic Adventuring Party


Adventuring Party


I used the 4E Essentials Red Box Starter Set to create an adventuring party.

Jacob “Jack” Grunley is a Dwarf Fighter (Slayer)
STR=18, CON=14, DEX=14, INT=11, WIS=13, CHA=10
AC=17, Fort=16, Ref=12, Will=11
Equipment: Greataxe, Scale Armor, Adventurer’s Kit

Shiloh Emberhart is an Elf Cleric (Warpriest)
STR=10, CON=13, DEX=14, INT=11, WIS=18, CHA=14
AC=18, Fort=12, Ref=14, Will=15
Equipment: Mace, Chainmail, Heavy Shield, Holy Symbol, Adventurer’s Kit

Onesimus Phawkes is a Halfling Rogue (Thief)
STR=12, CON=13, DEX=18, INT=11, WIS=14, CHA=12
AC=16, Fort=11, Ref=16, Will=11
Equipment: Dagger, Leather Armor, Thieves’ Tools, Adventurer’s Kit

Gideon Crowpepper is a Human Wizard (Mage)
STR=14, CON=12, DEX=10, INT=18, WIS=14, CHA=11
AC=14, Fort=13, Ref=15, Will=15
Equipment: Wand, Cloth “Armor”, Spellbook, Adventurer’s Kit

Stocking the Dungeon

Using D&D BECMI to learn the art of Dungeon Mastering.

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Magic Users

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Thieves specifically



I just discovered this blog post concerning changing to a silver-coin-based economy instead of the gold-based economy as detailed in most rule books.