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Adventurers can usually find work in the County of Greymerry; it’s close to the center of the island, so it acts as a crossroads of sorts for different areas.  The Earl of Greymerry holds court near the town of Rivercrest, which sits along the Spearsong River.  Other towns in the county are Idlewilde and New Allen-upon-Spearsong.  There is also an abbey, Northside Abbey, which is located in the hills in the north of the county.  The Earl gives support to the local Adventurers’ Guild, so it is well-staffed and equipped to serve Guild members.  Between the towns of Rivercrest and New Allen-upon-Spearsong is the infamous Evermaze Keep, an old Roman fort that was rebuilt by a Norman lord.  Somewhere within the keep is housed an artifact known as the Wizard’s Claw, which emits magic energies that warp and twist the keep’s structure.  No visit to the keep is ever the same, as halls turn into dead ends, rooms move around or disappear altogether.  A portal to the lands of the dark fey also resides in the keep, and goblins, kobolds, trolls, and ogres periodically pour out of the keep to pillage and destroy.

Greymerryshire has an annual fair during the autumn that is quite popular; merchants from all over the country, as well as from other nations, attend; it is a “freemarket” by tradition, which means that all transactions are conducted tax-free.  There is a small fee for setting up a merchant’s booth.


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In the Year of Our Lord, 1066, Uther Pendragon, Duke of Normandy, sailed his army across the English Channel and defeated King Vortigern at the Battle of Hastings.  He moved quickly to consolidate his rule over the island, which lasted from A.D. 1066 until his death in A.D. 1215.  In that year, the boy Arthur, foster son of Sir Ector of the Castle of the Forest Sauvage, was revealed to be Uther’s son and heir by pulling the sword Excalibur from the stone.  Although he had the backing of Merlin, and the miracle to substantiate his claim to the throne, Arthur was immediately beset by rebellion, led by King Lot of Orkney.  With war brought the usual scavengers of civilization; monsters who seized the opportunity to pillage and wreak havoc on a defenseless people.  Arthur, guided by Merlin, re-established the national Adventurers’ Guild that his father had previously abolished.  A royal stipend was given to the Guild to train up new heroes to fight the darkness which had spread over the land.

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