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In the past several days, I’ve been driven by curiosity to seek out rules that try to emulate the original Dungeons and Dragons experience (sometimes called “OD&D”).  The Swords & Wizardry White Box seems to be the best sort of rules for this, but I also discovered another “retro-clone” called “microlite74”.  The rules for this latter game were intriguing enough to induce me to print them out and run a session with the kids.

At first, it was just Elaine, the elf (who chose to be a magic user for this particular adventure), and Urg, the human magic user.  They were hired by the Earl of Greymerry to find his lost signet ring.  The Earl suspected that kobolds had somehow stolen the ring, so the two adventurers tracked down a group of kobolds hiding in a cave near the town.

Here’s the breakdown of the two characters:  Elaine had the following ability scores: Strength–12, Dexterity–9, and Mind–14.  She also had 12 hit points.  Urg had STR–10, DEX–9, and MIND–10, and had 7 hit points.  Elaine’s “signature spell” was “Charm Person”, and Urg’s was “Sleep”.  They reached the caves, which were too dark for either character to see inside, so Elaine cast a “light” spell on a rock she picked up and tossed it into the cave.  A kobold stood there, rubbing its eyes and squinting in the sudden light, and it wasn’t happy.  It started bawling them out, but in “koboldish”, which neither adventurer understood until I checked the rules, and saw that Elaine had four extra languages she could know; one of them turned out to be “koboldish”.  So Elaine spoke with the kobold a few minutes before Urg grew impatient, drew his dagger, and made an unsuccessful swipe at the kobold.  Before it could respond, Elaine cast the “Charm Person” spell, and successfully made it subject to her.  She got it to admit that it had the Earl’s ring, and persuaded it to hand the ring over to her.  It was at this time, however, that three other kobolds, previously hidden in the darkness, decided to reveal themselves, and a short battle ensued, with Urg getting the worst of it (he was wounded badly enough to lose a point of Strength).  Elaine snatched Urg’s body and dragged him back to town, where they met up with Tawnik, a dwarf fighter.  Two days of rest restored Elaine to 10 hit points, and Urg to 1 hit point.  They decided to go back to the caves and try again, but at nighttime, in the hopes of sneaking in, stealing the ring, and skeedaddling.  They also hired a novice man-at-arms to assist them.  The plan didn’t work, though, because, even after two days, the kobolds were wary, and had posted a guard.  The adventurers were able to surprise the one kobold, though, and subdue it before the others awoke due to the cries of their companion.  Another kobold fell, and the remaining two, seeing themselves outmatched, surrendered, handed over the ring, and all the treasure they had been stealing, which amounted to about 60 gold pieces.  The henchman got 12 gp, leaving the party with 48.  The Earl, upon the return of his ring, doled out another 50 gp.  So far, then the adventurers have obtained 4 experience points.  Only 16 XP to go before level 2!


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This is for a PbP game I’m conducting over at www.enworld.org


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