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Male Wizard

Male Wizard 3


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Elf Knight


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Yet another portrait

Male Wizard 2

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Another portrait

Girl 1

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Mike “The Lazy DM” Shea has some pointers. This is from an article he posted back in 2011.

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Here is my attempt to create a D&D 4e custom monster that would be suitable for playing in a “Chronicles of Prydain” setting.

The Cauldron Born:

Cauldron Born

I set it at level 10, but it has immunity to all damage (as far as I can tell), excepting Radiant damage. It has “Resist 5000 Radiant Damage”, however, because in the course of the story, it turns out that only one thing can kill the cauldron born.


It’s love.


It’s not really love


Or is it?

Observations and Constructive Criticism is welcome. The next monster to create will be the Huntsman of Annuvin.

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The “Acquisitions, Inc.” podcasts and videos are the closest anyone will come to having a watchable D&D game, most likely because the game is merely a backdrop for the participants to sit around and tell jokes.

In any case, something I noticed from the latest podcast (which was about a year ago), was the Scott Kurtz, who plays the part of the dwarf fighter Binwin Bronzebottom, seemed to be getting frustrated, and possibly bored, with his character. The 5e Binwin seems to be a “one-trick dog”, unlike the previous 4e version of Binwin, who had several options when participating in a battle. On the other hand, Pat Rothfuss, who played some sort of rogue, was getting to do a lot of cool things. Scott made it amusing for the audience by pointing out the disparity between their characters. Rothfuss’ character just seemed more fun to play–even considering that Binwin took out two dragons during the fight.

There was also a lot of rolling for “DEX saves”, which relied on an ability (Dexterity) that only Rothfuss’ character seemed to have put a substantion number of points into.

Just an observation I had.

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