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Here is a 4e Essentials Character sheet that I made form fillable (needs PDF software to use properly).

Another Adventuring Party



Another “4 Man” party. Dwarf fighter, Halfling rogue, Human cleric, Eladrin (“High Elf”) Wizard (Wizardess?).

The 4th edition Red Box Starter set did,not provide the option to play as an Eladrin. To build a “Red Box” Eladrin hero, add +2 to INT, and +2 to either DEX or CHA. Also, gain one extra skill of the player’s choice, and add +1 to Will. The Eladrin racial ability is a short range teleport.


Basic Adventuring Party


Adventuring Party


I used the 4E Essentials Red Box Starter Set to create an adventuring party.

Jacob “Jack” Grunley is a Dwarf Fighter (Slayer)
STR=18, CON=14, DEX=14, INT=11, WIS=13, CHA=10
AC=17, Fort=16, Ref=12, Will=11
Equipment: Greataxe, Scale Armor, Adventurer’s Kit

Shiloh Emberhart is an Elf Cleric (Warpriest)
STR=10, CON=13, DEX=14, INT=11, WIS=18, CHA=14
AC=18, Fort=12, Ref=14, Will=15
Equipment: Mace, Chainmail, Heavy Shield, Holy Symbol, Adventurer’s Kit

Onesimus Phawkes is a Halfling Rogue (Thief)
STR=12, CON=13, DEX=18, INT=11, WIS=14, CHA=12
AC=16, Fort=11, Ref=16, Will=11
Equipment: Dagger, Leather Armor, Thieves’ Tools, Adventurer’s Kit

Gideon Crowpepper is a Human Wizard (Mage)
STR=14, CON=12, DEX=10, INT=18, WIS=14, CHA=11
AC=14, Fort=13, Ref=15, Will=15
Equipment: Wand, Cloth “Armor”, Spellbook, Adventurer’s Kit

Stocking the Dungeon

Using D&D BECMI to learn the art of Dungeon Mastering.

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