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4party2 with spear color1 (2)


4party2 with spear color1 (3)

3rd edition did away with the silly restrictions on what weapons clerics can use; your cleric could learn to use a sword, but you had to burn a “feat” to do so.

4th edition did away with weapon restrictions totally. Any character can use any weapon without penalty. However, if your character was proficient in a type of weapon, then he got a bonus (and characters can burn feats to become proficient in new weapons).

The cleric above can use his spear without burning a feat, because the classifications changed to “Simple” and “Martial” weapons. Spears are in the “Simple” weapon category. Spears are also usable with a shield, which (if the Black Isle games are true to the rules) was not possible with 2nd edition AD&D. A Basic D&D fighter, dwarf, or elf (and possibly halfling) could use a “spear and shield” combo, but a Basic D&D cleric could not use a spear.


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